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Oscars Week: My Ballot for Oscars 2017

Here’s my final ballot for this Sunday’s Academy Awards. I predict La La Land will clean up with 9 wins, meaning this will be the most boring Oscars since Gravity swept the tech awards. Still, only one acting category is a sure thing (here’s looking at you, Ms. Davis!), so I’m ready for a good surprise or two.   […]

The 2016 Oscar Season

With the 89th Academy Awards a week from today, I’m thinking back about the 2016 season. And yes, I’m still catching up on last year’s movies! It’s always a scramble to see all the major nominees…


Denzel Washington’s Fences is a good exercise in separating the merits of a stage work from its adaptation. It’s one of the more acclaimed plays in August Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle, his ten-part chronicle of black life in each decade of the last century, and it’s sure to outlive any re-interpretation. Using the movie as my […]