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All of Alfred Hitchcock’s Sound Films, Ranked

That’s right, I watched every Hitchcock movie from 1929 on, and compiled a master list from #44 down to #1.

Which of Hitch’s less familiar movies have been overlooked? And which (wink, The 39 Steps) are a little overrated?

The BBC ranks American movies!

This week the BBC, in an act of international diplomacy, released a list of the 100 greatest American films ever made. As most lists of this type are, this feels like a popularity contest, with safe choices edging out the more unusual, provocative ones. But there were a few movies that really jumped out at me, […]


Gigi was released in 1958, when the MGM unit was in decline. Musicals had changed since the Gene Kelly days; no more spontaneous dancing and dream ballets. Peter Wollan, in his BFI Film Classics guide to Singin’ in the Rain, suggests it was “McCarthyism, in the broad sense of the term—the determination to destroy all […]