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The Post

Nothing is more stirring in Steven Spielberg’s The Post than watching the early morning newspapers get printed. Spielberg’s movie intends to rouse and inspire us, but the printing montage does that work all on its own. We watch the news text printed letter by letter, type placed into trays, trays imprinted onto a plate, and plates pressed onto newsprint. As Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks wax philosophical about the press, copies of the morning papers spiral up to the ceilings, ready to be delivered to homes across Washington. It’s dynamite for publishing and journalism geeks.


How do you solve a problem like P.L. Travers? In her sessions with Walt Disney’s team over Mary Poppins, she objected to nearly every adaptation of her books: the Sherman Brothers’ songs, the animated penguins, and Dick Van Dyke. The studio made the movie Walt wanted. Now in Saving Mr. Banks, even Travers herself cannot escape from […]