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Our Oscar Nomination Predictions

It’s our first year of Oscar predictions at You Gotta Get a Critic! We’ve taken a crack at guessing, with a few risky choices along the way. Could James Gandolfini and Amy Adams really sneak in? Note that Best Picture could be anywhere from 5 to 10 nominees, and there were 9 the last two years. […]


David O. Russell’s American Hustle is a fractured fairy tale of cons and corruption, starting with the epigraph, “Some of this actually happened.” What did actually happen was the Abscam scandal (short for “Arab scam”) of 1979-1980, in which the FBI used small-time con artists to bribe public officials. Not one to settle for mere facts, Russell […]

Tis the Season to Be Greedy

If there’s one thing the people want for Christmas, it’s a reminder of corporate greed and one-percenter excess. The Wrap reported yesterday that The Wolf of Wall Street will come out in time for Oscar consideration, on Christmas Day no less. Wolf was first scheduled for November, but there were rumors it wouldn’t premiere until 2014. […]