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The Shape of Water

Guillermo del Toro’s new movie The Shape of Water fits into a storied tradition of folklore and fantasy from Hans Christian Andersen to Godzilla. It’s an old-fashioned fairy tale and a classic film throwback that clearly enchanted the director. Though Universal tried to revive its classic monster franchise this year with The Mummy, their failed attempt to create a new Dark Universe, del Toro has beaten them at their own game. The key to a new monster, it turns out, is a lighter–not darker–touch.


Joon-ho Bong’s first English-language movie, Snowpiercer, asks us to accept a ridiculous premise: that the only survivors of a planet-wide ice-age are trapped inside a high-speed train forever circling the earth. Thankfully, the director doesn’t waste time philosophizing or establishing a complex futuristic world; all we know is the train and the lethal cold outside […]