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Some movies make criticism feel unnecessary; then later we realize why we continue to write about what we’ve seen. In 12 Years a Slave, Steve McQueen has made a powerful account of a terrifying, still shocking period of American history.  We are used to stories cautioning about the evils of slavery—though not many, most trying […]


Early buzz for Enough Said (a rom-com for adults) has touted James Gandolfini, playing a divorced, soon-to-be empty-nester against type. He’s charming and funny, exactly what you’d expect. What’s more, Julia Louis-Dreyfus gets to headline a movie—which she pulls off winningly. She’s a classic screwball heroine on TV, a Carole Lombard for our times, but she tones it […]


NOW AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX The trailer led me to think Steven Soderbergh’s “final” movie is an indictment of the pharmaceutical company, and an over-diagnosing culture. I won’t ruin much, but this suggestion was a red herring. Enough hints are written in, though, that the outcome becomes obvious, though it’s tough to track who is in […]

ROOM 237

NOW AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX Like some otherworldly RiffTrax, Room 237 is two hours of intensive, insane speculation on what’s hidden within Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. We see fan-drawn maps of the Overlook Hotel, with shot-by-shot breakdowns of all geographical errors. The continuity mistkaes are amusing to notice; did Kubrick not catch the typewriter changing color, for instance? Did […]


Watch the beautiful shot of Sandra Bullock looking to Earth like the Starchild in 2001: A Space Odyssey (see below). Gravity let me wonder if this is how first-time audiences saw 2001 or Star Wars. The technology really is something in 3D. It’s the second time I felt the $3 surcharge was absolutely justified (the first was Life of Pi). Alfonso Cuarón’s view […]

The beginning of a beautiful friendship

This new site is for those of you who buy your ticket, take your seat, and wait anxiously for the show to start. This is mostly about the movies. We’ll provide one-paragraph capsule reviews of the latest films, longer analysis of the trends taking over the screen, and flashbacks to an older Hollywood (see: Best Picture […]