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Lillian Hellman vs. Arthur Miller

THEATER REVIEW: The Little Foxes and The Price.

Regina’s story feels so familiar. She’s every woman who’s had to put up with stupid, selfish men getting ahead and keeping the rewards to themselves for far too long.


On January 6, 2002, waking the nation after the holidays, the first Boston Globe story dropped: “Church allowed abuse by priest for years.” The Globe’s Spotlight team—a crew of investigative reporters who spend months digging into a single story—launched their coverage with one particular priest, John J. Geoghan, who abused more than 130 children. “Almost always, his […]


Spoilers below. Don’t read if you didn’t watch the movie! There’s a built-in bathroom break thirty minutes into Avengers: Age of Ultron. The whole team winds down a cocktail party with a game of “Who Can Lift Thor’s Hammer?” Usually the blooper reel isn’t edited into the movie itself, but I sensed director-writer Joss Whedon and […]


Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher is a hard movie to watch. Next to this, Capote might seem lighthearted. The camera lingers, flatly observing the Foxcatcher farm, picking up interactions almost reluctantly. Then, just as quickly, it cuts away after a single interchange of dialogue, moving to another scene impulsively. The edits are arrhythmic, choppy (deliberately?). You sense that Miller wants to stay […]