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You May Fire When Ready

THEATER REVIEW: The Present Ethel Barrymore Theater, New York, January 15, 2016   The curtain rises on Cate Blanchett with a pistol in her hand. She looks out at the audience, then at the pistol with a grim, steely countenance. It’s a gift she’s received for her fortieth birthday. As the adage suggests, we know […]


“Take friendships, for instance. I can think of a lot of cases where the two people have nothing in common. I think there’s a definite reason for every friendship just as there’s a reason why certain atoms unite and some don’t… I think friendships are the result of certain needs that can be completely hidden […]

My Oscar Predictions

Check out the full list at http://oscar.go.com/nominees. I bravely offered my own picks in categories where I’ve seen enough nominees.  (Post-Oscars update: 24/26 categories right!) 1. Best Picture Will win: 12 Years a Slave Should win: 12 Years a Slave 2. Best Director Will win: Alfonso Cuarón, Gravity Should win: Steve McQueen, 12 Years a Slave 3. […]

The Golden Girl: Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine

Why Cate Blanchett Will and Deserves To Win There’s been a lot of speculation of late if Cate Blanchett’s chances for Oscar gold this year may be deterred because of the Woody Allen scandal that’s plagued the media for the last month or so. Despite the fact that this entire conversation seems in poor taste, […]

Our Top Nine, and Other Year-End Lists

Well, we caught up on our Oscars to-watch list. A Top Ten would be traditional, but we’ve noticed the Academy has only nominated nine movies since 2011. Thus, we present our Top Nines: Nicholas: 1. American Hustle 2. 12 Years a Slave 3. Before Midnight 4. The Conjuring 5. Blue Jasmine 6. Philomena 7. Captain Phillips 8. […]

Always a Bride, Never a Bridesmaid

“Did I really earn this, or did I just wear you all down?” Last week writer Mark Harris lamented about the “deplorable state” of the Best Actress race this year, arguing that by having a lineup of women who have already won awards (either in lead or supporting), we miss some of the lesser-known, yet […]