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Molly’s Game

Eight years in Hollywood, two years in New York. Movie stars, celebrity athletes–and Russian mobsters. With Molly Bloom as our guide, we gain access to an exclusive club, where the money flows freely and the rich and famous meet once a week to gamble their wealth away. It’s prime Aaron Sorkin territory, sweeping back the curtain on the garish underworld of high-stakes poker like he did for politics, television, and Silicon Valley. And for two-thirds of Molly’s Game, he delivers a smart, sleek movie that works his crisp repartee into the glitzy adrenaline of the game. But when Molly’s poker career folds, Sorkin squanders his own hand by playing the wrong cards.


Steve Jobs opens less than an hour before the Macintosh’s 1984 product launch, and there’s a risk the state-of-the-art personal computer won’t be able to say “Hello.” The entire launch hinges upon this delivery, our fictional Steve Jobs insists; without a friendly, comforting “Hello” to welcome the audience, nobody will buy the Mac. Yet despite the […]