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Lillian Hellman vs. Arthur Miller

THEATER REVIEW: The Little Foxes and The Price.

Regina’s story feels so familiar. She’s every woman who’s had to put up with stupid, selfish men getting ahead and keeping the rewards to themselves for far too long.


Yes, A World to Rediscover

Making her return, as Norma Desmond defiantly crows, as a great star attempting her own ill-fated comeback, Glenn Close is following in the tradition of Broadway stars who’ve revived their characters for a new generation. This time around, Close’s Norma Desmond is more recognizably human.

Sympathy for the Devil

It’s an unusual play with, I think, some of Tennessee’s most empathetic writing. By the third act, Iguana is essentially a two-hander for Hannah and Shannon, as they comfort and understand each other. Hannah’s fervent hope becomes a lightning rod for Shannon, inspiring him to—well, we don’t know.

You May Fire When Ready

THEATER REVIEW: The Present Ethel Barrymore Theater, New York, January 15, 2016   The curtain rises on Cate Blanchett with a pistol in her hand. She looks out at the audience, then at the pistol with a grim, steely countenance. It’s a gift she’s received for her fortieth birthday. As the adage suggests, we know […]

Art Isn’t Easy

Hello, George. Where did you go, George?

Seeing Sunday in the Park with George, and listening to the score, has always been an emotional experience for me. Before our eyes, Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s musical turns an impressionist Georges Seurat painting into a rich canvas of overlapping lives.

And Do They Know, It’s Like I’m Losing My Mind

I’m writing about Long Day’s Journey into Night four weeks later. As my first time experiencing this Eugene O’Neill drama, it crept up on me gradually in the theater. When you know a play will last four hours, your body relaxes more at first, eases into the experience…

It’s Almost Like a Dream

THEATER REVIEW: She Loves Me Studio 54, New York, May 14, 2016 Everyone talks about “Ice Cream” – Stephen Sondheim had it on his list of Songs I Wished I’d Written. Barbra recorded the famous ballad of nerves “Will He Like Me?” But we don’t talk much about the rest of She Loves Me, especially […]

Save the Last Dunce

THEATER REVIEW: A Confederacy of Dunces Huntington Theater, Boston, December 13, 2015 They say the novel A Confederacy of Dunces is cursed. John Kennedy Toole, the author, committed suicide years before his manuscript was discovered. Then multiple actors who tried to adapt the novel to the screen (including John Belushi and John Candy) died before they […]

“And There’s Many a Tryst, and There’s Many a Bed”

THEATER REVIEW: A Little Night Music Huntington Theater, Boston, October 2, 2015 Sometimes a seasoned dish is best prepared traditionally. Director Peter DuBois handles Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler’s A Little Night Music with good taste, and doesn’t veer far from its original footprint. The second act, with lovers rushing through the trees of Madame […]

What Does Eliza Do Next?

THEATER REVIEW: My Fair Lady Lyric Stage, Boston, September 10, 2015 Lyric Stage’s My Fair Lady begins at the finale, with Eliza Doolittle coming back to Henry Higgins and his gramophone. Their eyes meet, then we flash back six months before, the night Higgins meets Eliza as she hocks flowers in Covent Garden. From that initial meet-cute, […]