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Oscars 2020: My Final Ballot

My final predictions for Sunday’s Academy Awards inside!

Oscars 2020: Predicting the Nominees

In advance of Monday morning’s Oscar noms, click inside to check out my predictions!

Her Joys, Her Woes, Her Highs, Her Lows

I’d always wanted to see a major production of Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe’s My Fair Lady, but I was sold on the replacement casting of Laura Benanti, who hasn’t been shy about wanting to play Eliza. I can imagine sitting through a My Fair Lady without a strong Henry Higgins, but it wouldn’t work at all without an Eliza who can fully commit to the dual persona of flower girl and well-educated lady, plus sing the ravishing score. Thankfully, this beautiful revival has both.

Oscars Week: My Final Predictions

Whatever happens, I’m pretty certain Kobe Bryant will be an Oscar winner by Monday morning.

Let’s Talk about “FEUD,” Part II: All About Age

The years are catching up with Bette and Joan. This season of Feud has only spanned two years so far, from early 1962, when Joan Crawford approached Bette Davis with What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, to 1964, when Crawford exited Hush, Hush… Sweet Charlotte. At the start of the series, both actresses jumped at the chance to […]

Let’s Talk about “FEUD”, Part I: The Oscars

“And the winner is… Anne Bancroft in The Miracle Worker.” The camera cuts to Susan Sarandon, standing in the wings, and for an infinite second she can sparely sputter a breath. Jessica Lange drops her cigarette, stamps it out beneath her silver sole—and proudly struts past Susan to collect that Oscar. “And the Winner Is…” is […]


Forget Rogue One and the latest Marvel face-off: The last scene of Moonlight rivals both for intensity and suspense. Without giving everything away, we watch two men circling each other, nothing exchanged but conversation and a cup of tea. Plenty of things feel unspoken. They haven’t seen each other in years; each became someone the other didn’t expect. And we can’t […]

Oscars 2016: My Final Predictions

This is my final ballot for Sunday’s Oscars. And we start off with the hardest pick: 1. Best Picture Will win: Last year, I risked it all on Boyhood (and lost my pool). I’m staying safe this year with The Revenant. Should win: Holding out hope that Spotlight pulls it off. That and Mad Max are my favorites of this […]

Oscar Nomination Predictions 2015

Note: I later edited my nomination predictions with incorrect guesses in orange. Proud to say I was right about Marion Cotillard, and that Steve Carell snuck in (though for Actor, logically).  Best Picture Under current Academy rules, we could see up to 10 nominees, but I expect 9, in keeping with the last three years. Birdman […]

Our Oscar Nomination Predictions

It’s our first year of Oscar predictions at You Gotta Get a Critic! We’ve taken a crack at guessing, with a few risky choices along the way. Could James Gandolfini and Amy Adams really sneak in? Note that Best Picture could be anywhere from 5 to 10 nominees, and there were 9 the last two years. […]