Early buzz for Enough Said (a rom-com for adults) has touted James Gandolfini, playing a divorced, soon-to-be empty-nester against type. He’s charming and funny, exactly what you’d expect. What’s more, Julia Louis-Dreyfus gets to headline a movie—which she pulls off winningly. She’s a classic screwball heroine on TV, a Carole Lombard for our times, but she tones it down here, doesn’t push for laughs. She doesn’t need to. Beyond our two leads, Nicole Holofcener’s movie feels truthful but can also be vague, from the generic title to the script’s characterizations, which don’t give Louis-Dreyfus or Gandolfini much life beyond what we see. They are defined by their neuroses (her lack of friends, his weight), their jobs, and their exes. There are piquant hints of meanness: she calls Gandolfini “fat” to her friends, and talks about lowering his calorie intake over dinner. But the two leads are instantly likable, more than Catherine Keener’s one-note judgmental best-friend/ex-wife. Why listen to her complain about Gandolfini when, clearly, he just wants a big hug?

ImageSo he’s wearing pajamas. Still huggable. 

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