ROOM 237


Like some otherworldly RiffTraxRoom 237 is two hours of intensive, insane speculation on what’s hidden within Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. We see fan-drawn maps of the Overlook Hotel, with shot-by-shot breakdowns of all geographical errors. The continuity mistkaes are amusing to notice; did Kubrick not catch the typewriter changing color, for instance? Did he actually intend symbolism around Native Americans or minotaurs? Take a step back and enjoy Room 237 as it exposes a deep level of obsession you expect from Tolkien- and Rowling-ites. Or start a drinking game for every time someone says “metaphor”; you won’t make it through the film. The theories raised in Room 237 are just as offkilter as Jack Nicholson’s performance. Someone wonders, deep into how The Shining shows the moon landing was faked, if he’s only seeing what he wanted to see. “That’s the ultimate ‘shining’ Kubrick does,” one theorist says; he creates “a dream of a movie.”


Supposedly you can see Kubrick’s face in the sky. Ten points if you find him!

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